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quartum nuntium

Now feeling excited about our blog! Monday’s meeting was productive:
schedule = sorted
individual and group tasks = assigned.

Next Monday we’re filming at uni. We’ll ask:

  • What people think of veganism?
  • Word/concept association?
  • If they’d ever go vegan?
  • Hardest thing about veganism?

I’ll then edit it into something interesting.

Yesterday I wrote tips/resources from a converted vegan, and by tomorrow we’ll all have individual profiles written and a photo with our favourite vegetable. Group communication via Facebook group is proving effective. So we’re underway…

I found it hard to get excited about HTML coding in the tute. Lessig may be right in aphorising that “Code is Law,” but it’s not terribly thrilling.

Great to talk about Creative Commons in the lecture – a fantastic resource and I imagine we’ll use it for our blog.

meeting notes

Meeting notes…

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Adventures in coding

For my final post I've upgraded from a thinking cap to a more dignified top hat.

For my final post I’ve upgraded from a thinking cap to a more dignified top hat.


Tips/resources from a recently converted vegan

Foods to embrace:

  • Beans (in all their glory and variety).
  • Nuts (as a snack or blended into nut butter).
  • Tofu and tempeh. Bland as is – you MUST cook well and eat with delicious sauce or marinade. If you’re an egg fiend try scrambled tofu – great with mushrooms and spinach).
  • FRUIT and VEGETABLES are actually amazing! And versatile! Raw, stir fried, baked, steamed…with rice, bread, pasta, beans…sauce concoctions…The possibilities are endless.
  • Non-dairy milk. I have coffee with soy milk, muesli with oat or rice milk, I bake with almond milk, cook with coconut milk and make ice-cream with quinoa milk. Go wild.
  • Mock meat – available in supermarkets, but for more choice head to an Asian grocery or health food store.
  • Soy cheese is not at all bad, although often not brilliant eaten on it’s own, it still does the trick on pasta or pizza.
  • Coconut yoghurt – available from health food shops.
  • Soy ice cream or, even better, coconut ice-cream.
  • For baking use flax/chia eggs, Nuttlex, Tofutti, coconut oil and non-dairy milk. Easy.
  • Dark chocolate.

Places to shop:

  • Health food isle and freezer section of the supermarket.
  • ANY fruit and veg shop!
  • Dr. Earth in Newtown
  • The Cruelty Free Shop in Glebe
  • Asian supermarkets – IGA in China Town has an extensive range of mock products – frozen, cold, canned and dried.

Places to eat:

  • Pretty much any Asian restaurant is vegan friendly – get a tofu/veg dish.
  • Turkish/Middle Eastern is also great – dips, falafel, bread, salads, dolmades…
  • In Newtown go to:
  • Newly opened in Sydney on George St. (but a Melbourne institution) is Lord of the Fries – a vegan’s answer to fast food!
  • Indian is great for veg options (just beware of ghee…) – Maya Vegetarian in Surry Hills and Hari’s Vegetarian on Broadway are vegan friendly.
  • In Glebe, Badde Manors is of course an institution…
  • About Life in Rozelle and Bondi Junction (a supermarket and cafe).
  • Cow and Moon in Enmore and Messina both have divine sorbets.
  • Most cafes and restaurants in the Inner West have vegan options or will amend something for you.

Food blogs to visit for inspiration:

tertium nuntium

Good news: presentation went well + assignment 1 is complete.

We got some helpful feedback, namely:

  • to cut back on the social media (evidently Marius Foley’s extensive list made us over-zealous)
  • to rationalise our schedule
  • to pander more to the course outcomes by focusing on the key overall objectives of our feature

Another thing to remember: vegan chocolate doesn’t taste nearly as good when eaten alongside Lindt milk chocolate.

Our next group meeting is Monday – we will discuss the above and finalise our calendar and designated roles/tasks. Lane is doing her Vegan Challenge next week so that will also give us some material to work with.

We’re now on our way to joining Jodi Dean’s “blogipeligo” and embracing Manuel Castell’s “electronically processed information networks.”


Weather this weekend permits a broader-brimmed thinking cap.

“My body will not be a tomb for other creatures.”

                                                     – Da Vinci                                                                              

Luiz Antonio – Why He Doesn’t Want to Eat Octopus

Group website research…

secundum nuntium

A week that began on a low note – my nose began spurting blood mid-lecture on Monday (apparently online privacy was too much for it to tolerate) – happily came to a close on a triumphant major chord, with our group settling on an idea we’re all keen on.

After Facebook polling and discussion through the week, we seemed set to do either a trans-gender info/support website or an online/offline comparison site. A chat with our wise tutors on Thursday, however, illuminated some problems.

BUT, then emerged: veganism! – a site about the merits and feasibility of such a lifestyle. One of us can go vegan for a week with part of our website an online diary of their experience. (Word limit here prevents further explication…)

Next week is our presentation – we have set up a shared Google doc to collectively work on it (despite Jonathan having explained the horrifying extent of Google domination).

Thursday’s tutorial was helpful in providing inspiration about engaging our online audience via different social media platforms and formats.

We now need to:

  • clarify our idea
  • identify our target audience
  • schedule our approach



Another thinking cap is necessary…



Rather than fighting against the information overload facilitated by the internet, I’ve instead decided to embrace it. A great void it is and a greater void it will become. So here is my pointless post about nothing.