secundum nuntium

by gracevaughan

A week that began on a low note – my nose began spurting blood mid-lecture on Monday (apparently online privacy was too much for it to tolerate) – happily came to a close on a triumphant major chord, with our group settling on an idea we’re all keen on.

After Facebook polling and discussion through the week, we seemed set to do either a trans-gender info/support website or an online/offline comparison site. A chat with our wise tutors on Thursday, however, illuminated some problems.

BUT, then emerged: veganism! – a site about the merits and feasibility of such a lifestyle. One of us can go vegan for a week with part of our website an online diary of their experience. (Word limit here prevents further explication…)

Next week is our presentation – we have set up a shared Google doc to collectively work on it (despite Jonathan having explained the horrifying extent of Google domination).

Thursday’s tutorial was helpful in providing inspiration about engaging our online audience via different social media platforms and formats.

We now need to:

  • clarify our idea
  • identify our target audience
  • schedule our approach



Another thinking cap is necessary…